Panchayat Darpan | Digital Repayment Order

Panchayat Darpan Team of Panchayat & Rural Advancement, Govt. of MP. Gram Panchayat – log in (Savings Account) Gram Panchayat – log in (Opening Up Equilibrium) Gram Panchayat – log in (Supplier Administration) Gram Panchayat – log in (Job Management) Gram Panchayat – Login All of complete/in-progress/not started works carried out at the amount of Gram Panchayat can be met the job administration possibility of Panchayat Darpan (Work Control) Gram Panchayat – Login Edit the job entry and also Spare Conserved do work in Job Management’ can be revised till it is Technical Permission’ is carried out.

monitoring choice of Panchayat Darpan. (Job Management) Gram Panchayat – Login Edit the work entrance and Conserve Spared work in ‘Work Management’ could be edited up until it’s Technical Assent’ is carried out. The job may not be modified if technological permission has been done on the work.

Transcription of Panchayat Darpan

Gram Panchayat – log in (Banking Company Profile) Gram Panchayat – log in (Opening Harmony) Gram Panchayat – log in (Vendor Monitoring) Gram Panchayat – log in (Job Management) Gram Panchayat – Login All complete/in-progress/not began works carried out at the level of Gram Panchayat can be entered into in the job control alternative of Panchayat Darpan. (Work Management) Gram Panchayat – Login Edit the work item and Spare Saved work in Work Management’ may be modified until its Technical Permission’ is performed.

2. The job may not be revised if technical permission has been carried out on the work. (Job Monitoring) Gram Panchayat – Login Technical Permission:-

(Job Management) Gram Panchayat – Login Management Assent:- (Remittance) Gram Panchayat – Login Register Bill, Remittance of Expense, EPO. (Remittance) Gram Panchayat – Login Include Costs Information And Facts & Save Costs Information And Facts (Repayment) Gram Panchayat – Login Lock the Costs (Settlement) Gram Panchayat – Login EPO (Electronic Payment Order). EPO. Using the Manage PO and Payment Order food selection, the expenses may be included in the EPO.

3. (Repayment) Gram Panchayat – Login Padlock the EPO. (Settlement) Gram Panchayat – Login Improving the Condition of EPO.

Execution in Madhya Pradesh – Issues

  1. Inadequate capabilities of PRI workers at Gram Panchayat amount in the audit.
  2. The confluence of systems for execution of the jobs
  3. Demanded enforcement of connecting of all repayments with the registration of the certificate in the on the web device
  4. Requirement of transmitting settlement via EPO: Called for a more accessible unit in the State to manage the needs and constraints.
  5. Multiple profiles are serviced through PRIs. Created complication
  6. Linkage along with SAMAGRA– to permit personal details organizing and also tracking.

What possess us?

  1. Localized software cultivated to fulfill the extra local criteria and also quick and easy execution
  2. Job sign up
  3. Settlements related to works/activities
  4. I am applying to collaborate with one or more programs.
  5. Registration of all vendors/payment recipients as well as their bank accounts.

MP Panchayat Darpan

  1. Localized software programs are established to comply with the additional regional demands and also effortless execution.

Performs, Vendors, Agencies

  1. Work sign up
  2. Mapping of partners with several than one system.
  3. Registration of all vendors/payment receivers as well as their bank accounts.
  4. Remittances related to works/activities
  5. Remittance credit score digitally right into the receiver financial account.
  6. Transparency – FIFO

Digital Repayment Order (EPO)

  1. All financial accounts of PRIs have shut apart from one account. (One Family Doctor One Account).
  2. Financial account of all Family doctors verified at Block degree.
  3. Disallowed use of cheques or even cash deals at the general practitioner level.
  4. Banking companies coached not to allow cheques for payments.
  5. Presented EPO to apply the grabbing of all purchases in a simplified manner.
  6. All remittances are to become routed via Electronic Settlement Purchase (EPO).
  7. All expenses are signed up on the system versus work or even without a job.
  8. Account scalp is additionally captured.
  9. Bill is affixed to a draft EPO.
  10. EPO is locked and submitted to the bank.
  11. Financial institution credit scores the quantity right into the profile of vendor/agency/person/ laborer.
  12. Verification of settlement order is signed up on the system. New EPO can easily certainly not be created unless the last EPO is carried out.
  13. The junction of a bill with payment enforces the capture of transactions.


  1. They are likewise caught online.
  2. Fund transfer orders coming from the State are automatically imported right into the system without requiring the general practitioner to enter once again.
  3. They may confirm the receipt and see the funds – Nearby vouchers are to be gone into.
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