OP.GG (OPGG) – Core Partner Of RAID

Alongside the RAID project, our experts will launch OP.GG (OPGG), the core companion of RAID. As our experts offered in Part 1, RAID uses blockchain and token design to send back ownership of data to consumers and develop a decentralized video game records ecosystem that makes it possible for customers to accumulate and market data. Listed here, our experts want to clarify why the RAID team began the RAID venture with the sight and the group’s mission.

RAID crew’s concept and goal

RAID team’s concept is actually To produce far better game encounters for everybody. The crew finds to recognize such perspective through seeking the objective which equals the activity records market.

The RAID group has started to offer everyone a much better gaming encounter. To recognize this sight, some can quickly come to be a designer who creates video games on their own, and also others can become a publisher who posts games. However, our team believes that there are already loads of exciting games available.

The factor why some people still think that video games are not exciting is actually that they have not found a video game that fits them. In contrast, games nowadays spend additional money on marketing rather than on advancement. RAID has specified the vision to conquer these obstacles and provide the absolute best video gaming knowledge for all players.

Tae Sung Kim and Chun Woo Park, the founders of RAID, have begun OP.GG (OPGG) has grown to become the worldwide № one game data evaluation service seen by 45 thousand users month-to-month. They have watched for a long time just how distorted as well as ineffective the game business is. 

At the same time, we have been sure that 10s of numerous individuals use game information properly. However, suppose our team could use this enormous amount of video game information whenever our company prefers. 

In that case, we could imagine precisely how far the activity field would undoubtedly build in the future. Felt sorry for the perspective. The RAID group will make an ecosystem where the worth of the activity data is identified and made use of through those who need it using the goal of Focusing on the Gamedata Market.

OP.GG (OPGG), the leading international startup of the E-sports/gaming sector

OP.GG is the leading startup of the global esports/gaming industry. OP.GG (OPGG) is the only startup in Korea loved by worldwide gamers.

Currently, our company is drawing out billions of data from millions of games, delivering enhanced studies services localized in twenty languages. Our team is providing information services through relationships and MOUs with leading organizations and also a business. Our experts also give live material via connection along with Twitch.

The durability of OP.GG (OPGG) is not just the volume of records, but also the change of unprocessed raw forms into details with primary record analysis to ensure that players can quickly reveal their data in an easy-to-read style to enhance their skill-sets and overall expertise.

As the first member of RNL, OP, GG’s vast pool of information and consumer handling know-how will undoubtedly come to be a significant resource of RAID.

OP.GG’s (OPGG) strength: Game data processing proficiency as well as modern technology

Are you knowledgeable about the provider named ‘Acxiom’? Established in 1969, Acxiom is a specialized data source marketing company in the USA. As of 2012, it is the most significant information trading provider in the USA. The firm has five hundred million personal details around the world and analyzes fifty mountain purchases per year.

It led Barack Obama to triumph in the governmental election and resulted in the capture of the September 11 terrorists. What is the present market capitalization of the most extensive records company in the US?

As of February 19, 2019, Acxiom is worth 3.184 billion bucks (web link). What do you think that Google’s market hat is actually? It has been 775.984 billion bucks (link) since February 19, 2019.

The variation in between the market capitalization of Acxiom as well as Google.com is regarding 243 times. Google is undoubtedly not the very most data-rich company on the planet.

Among numerous main reasons, the data processing technology has contributed to bringing in the present variation. Google delivers a bunch of extensive data analytics resources consisting of Google Analytics, Information Workshop, and extra.

Consequently, lots of marketing professionals and also stakeholders are working utilizing Google devices. In the age of significant records, it is vital to collect as many records as achievable. 

However, just gathering substantial volumes of information is meaningless. The core competitiveness is just how well the gathered data is examined and refined. Some providers may have much more video game information than OP.GG (OPGG). 

Nonetheless, no provider has supplied records in such an effortless and convenient way for international activity customers to utilize information like OP.GG (OPGG). It will undoubtedly be a significant aid if OP.GG’s knowledge as well as modern technology is applied to the RAID community.

To recap, OP.GG (OPGG), the global video game data business, is the initial partner of RAID. Also, together, our experts will seek the efficiency of the existing game market by triggering the game information sector.

Together, our team means developing brand new video game data companies, ultimately advertising the healthy development of the activity market and providing users with unique game adventures.

Thank you for reviewing such a long post. In the future, even more, video game providers will get involved as RAID’s companions. Our experts are going to try our finest to make the much healthier activity records ecosystem henceforth.

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