Anupama Written Updates 14 December 2021 Episode

Anupama Written Updates 14 December 2021 Episode On

Anupama Written Updates 14 December 2021 Episode
Anupama Written Updates 14 December 2021 Episode

Anupama Written Updates 14 December 2021 Episode Will be Updated Here Soon… Keep Visiting to this post, anytime the written updates can be posted here.

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In today’s episode; Pakhi asks Anupama about Anuj. Anupama informs Pakhi that Anuj is fine. Pakhi asks Anupama if she got sacred seeing Anuj’s condition because at school when her best friend got injured went through the same. Anupama reply yes. She asks Pakhi if she think she too can have a friend. Pakhi says she just quoted Anuj is her best friend. Hasmuk takes the call and asks Anupama if she is taking the feedback before realizing her feeling. Anupama says being a mother it is difficult. Hasmuk advice Anupama not to worry at support Anuj because Shah’s is with her this time. He asks Anupama to stop overthinking and take a good take care of Anuj.

Anupama thanks God and says she always wanted her family to be with her sometime. She think life is short and now she will not step back to express her feelings for Anupama. There, Gk says to Anuj that not to think about Malvika and talk about Anupama as she is going to stay with him. Anuj smile. GK pulls Anuj’s leg. Anuj alerts GK not to make Anupama awkward by taking about relationship. Gk says Anuj is blushing. Anuj asks by when Anupama will reach him.

Otherside, Anupama dance realizing her feelings for Anuj. She imagines Anuj around and blush. Anupama reach Anuj’s house and calls out GK. She admires sleeping Anuj. Before Anupama enters the house, she receives a picture of Anuj and Malvika. Anuj gets stunned seeing the picture and collects them back. GK think he dropped the pictures mistake. Anupama asks Anuj not to worry as she will not question him as she know he will inform her if worthy. Anuj think he will reveal to Anupama about Malvika at the right time. Anupama scolds Anuj for stepping out from the room.

Here, Vanraj thanks Malvika. He think soon he will give good news to Shah’s. Kavya overhears Vanraj and think about Malvika. She adds who is Malvika that he making Vanraj to be in an attitude. Later, Anuj see heart tattoo on Anupama’s hand and confront about it. Anupama says on the road children were making tattoos and made on her. Anuj says finally she stepped into his world. Anupama stands stunned.

Kinjal feels proud of Paritosh and says finally he is trying for a job. Leela asks Paritosh to go to Anuj’s house as Anupama might need his help. Paritosh says he will go later. Anupama takes care of Anuj and confessed latter that she will not go anywhere. [Episode End]

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Anupama Written Updates 14 December 2021 Episode
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