Anupama Written Updates 11 December 2021 Kavya Accuses Vanraj Episode

Anupama Written Updates 11 December 2021 Episode on

Anupama Written Updates 11 December 2021 Episode
Anupama Written Updates 11 December 2021 Episode

Anupama Written Updates 11 December 2021 Episode – Anupama 11th December Written Update Vanraj game – Vanraj gives strength to Anupama to stay well and also then look after Anuj. Anupama consoles GK. The family cries for Anuj in worry. Vanraj joins Anupama’s hand in times of sorrow. Leela feels that Vanraj and Paritosh are with Anupama at this time. She also prays that Anuj gets fine soon. Keep Reading.

Samar tells that Anuj is really a nice person. He prays for Anupama and Anuj’s companionship. He wishes Anuj gets back to them soon. Paritosh also shoulders Anupama. Kavya alerts the family that Vanraj is playing a big game against Anuj, he hates Anuj a lot, he can never become Anuj’s best friend. The family doesn’t believe Kavya. Keep Reading further for more.

Kavya tells them that she knows Vanraj the best. Vanraj finds Anupama crying for Anuj. Kavya tells that everyone will realize it soon that Vanraj is playing big game with them. Samar tells nothing will happen to Anuj. He gives a hope to everyone. Anupama panics when she sees Anuj getting critical. She shouts Anuj and runs to him. Vanraj consoles a broken Anupama. They call the doctor to examine Anuj’s condition. Doctor gives them a calming piece of news, that Anuj is stable now. Vanraj finds Anupama crying and goes to speak to her. He tells that Anuj is stable now, and asks her not to cry. He adds that her emotions for Anuj has proved her love today.

Vanraj motivates Anupama to realize her feelings for Anuj, even she has same feelings for Anuj, the feelings of love which Anuj confessed to her. He asks her to confess her love to Anuj, since her confession can bring Anuj back to them. Vanraj asks her to just think of herself and her life from now, and forget the rests. He asks her to go ahead and hold Anuj’s hand. He gives a sensible advice to Anupama. He asks Anupama to move on in life towards Anuj. Anupama realizes her feelings for Anuj. Is Vanraj really playing a game as predicted by Kavya? Or Did he change for real or still the mean Vanraj? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for Anupama 11 December 2021 Written Update Episode. I will give 4.5/5. This rating is solely given according to the writer. You may post your own opinion in the comments section below.

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